In the world of Finance, the name La Salle is synonymous with integrity, professionalism and quality of service, so much so that the majority of our clients come from referrals. Whether it be other satisfied clients, Accountants, Solicitors or other advisors it appears La Salle is the respected name in the market place.

Such experience has shown us that the first steps you take will often shape your future and the success of your Business venture. Your initial contacts and the relationships that you forge today will become the cornerstone from which you will grow and develop, and so it makes sense to surround yourself with experienced professionals whose specialist knowledge can provide the ongoing support and guidance you require. All banks and Building Societies are certainly not the same and the range of services and facilities differ considerably as do their charges.

At La Salle & Company, we establish your personal needs, we tailor a financial package personal to you and approach a variety of lending sources in order to obtain the best possible terms. Because we are neither tied nor committed to any one lending source this ultimately means that we can obtain the best terms for YOU. Indeed, we pride ourselves on our skills and contacts within this specialised financial sector and believe that we can find the best terms available. In fact we are so confident that if you come to us with a genuine written loan offer, we guarantee to be able to beat it!